WCDS Membership Form

Fall is a good time to take pictures of your dahlia flowers and check the names on your dahlia labels to make sure they are correct. Keep the names with the tubers when you dig them up for winter storage.

  1. In the Spring, Paul Bloomquist can give you a price list and seller number. You will give the number to Ed Thompson for your labels.
  2. You can request dahlia labels from Ed Thompson. He will have a barcode inserted in the labels that will show the seller number and price. Our cash registers have barcode readers attached to them.
  3. When Ed provides you with the label template, create a label for each of your tubers using the information on the list Paul Bloomquist will give to you. Labels with pictures on them sell better.
  4. Take each of your tubers with eyes and put them into a plastic sandwich bag, with a small amount of pearlite or shavings then staple the labels to the outside of the bag.
  5. The day of the sale you will need to arrive at 7 AM to place the tubers on the sales tables. Someone will show you where put the tubers on the tables.
    At the end of the day all sellers will need to pick up their tubers that did not sell and help tear down the tables.
  6. The seller receives half of the sales and the other half goes back to the club. The proceeds that the club receives pay for the rental of Bloedel Donovan Park. If you have 10 $3 tubers, you can plan on receiving you can expect to earn $15.00. Sellers are responsible for reporting sales over $600.